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Product Management

We have a deep understanding on how to bring new products and features market.

Working closely with our customers, we lead collaborative engagements to understand their needs and to validate our understanding. From their needs we help our customers identity discrete features of considered business value; how these values can be measured and validated as they are incrementally brought to market.

We support our customers in managing the incremental delivery of features by engaging with technology partners and teams such as, UX design, development, quality assurance, operations and support.

We use agile frameworks such as scrum, lean, kanban, BABOK agile extensions, etc. to maximise predictable throughput and deliver desired outcomes.

Helping our customers identify discrete business value features, how they can be measured, validated and incrementally delivered, enables our customers to avoid waste (risk, resources, time, money). As each feature is released, the expected business values are measured enabling our customers to learn and determine whether they continue, or revise their feature priorities, or change aspects of their product strategy (pivot), or stop, as the business validation is not being met.


Our strength is in our cross-functional expertise with over 20 years experience in developing and delivering business critical enterprise level systems in banking, media, finance and retail.

  • Technical Architecture
  • Data Architecture
  • Agile Software Development
  • Analytics
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Jason
  • XML
  • Oracle
  • Agile Scrum
  • C++
  • iOS, iPadOS
Project Management

We fundamentally understand the value and critically have the know-how to provide effective project management for large-scale programme deliveries.

For us, project management is not only about tracking progress, identifying risks and issues but also providing actionable metrics to ensure what is delivered is of business value and if not, the alternative actions that can be taken.

We provide an array of project management services, tailoring our project delivery offering to each client’s specific situation, needs and capabilities, be it purely management of a project to mentoring and training client staff in the use of agile or waterfall methodologies.

We strongly believe that measurement is key to success, irrespective of chosen methodology, it’s imperative to regularly measure and analyse key metrics to see whether a project is making progress to the desired goal or not. In the case of the latter, early remedial action can still recover the project or understand the alternative actions to be taken.

We understand the interdependencies and elements involved in planning and managing large scale international programmes of work from the: strategic inception, proposition, financing, programme definition, resourcing, analysis, design, devops, vendor management, etc.

We work with our customers to understand which tools and techniques will serve their project needs the best. Tools to help manage the project, support communication needs to stakeholders and steering groups, and provide the relevant details to finance.

We use agile tools such as sprint burndown charts to track progress, team capabilities and capacity. Feature release burndown statistics to track progress of the overall programme of work. Together with feedback from released features we help the customer interactively determine future priorities and direction; thus avoiding waste. In short we use tools and metrics that support the 4 agile values and 12 principals set out in the agile manifesto.

We use Lean principals to manage resourcing, deliver business value and avoid waste. Using techniques such as innovation accounting to determine the right leading indicators and actionable metrics in order to progress towards desired outcomes.

Business Analysis

We have a passion for business analysis, it is a cornerstone to all the other services we provide. We engage with our customers in an open and transparent manner and work hard to understand their culture and values so that we can work seamlessly within their organisations. 

Our broad domain knowledge in Media, Banking, Telecoms and Retail enable us to adapt quickly and provide value from the start.

We are able to provide a broad range of services: analysing strategic objectives and how they they can be brought to fruition, digital transformations, ‘as is ‘and ‘to be’ modelling, business architecture, facilitating workshops, technical analysis, gap analysis, business process re-engineering, defining target operating models, etc.

We are servant leaders who build collaborative relationships with our customers; we engage, communicate and present to C-level executives and steering boards. We provide a bridge between the business and technology to enable the delivery of products and services at pace.

We select the most appropriate tools and techniques to meet the challenge. For example, BPMN to standardise the the capture of business process and potential of automated workflows. User stories to define end customer requirements. Value models using qualitative and quantitative research to provide structure and guidance in defining and implementing a project or initiative. Value stream mapping to provide a complete, fact-based, time-series representation of the stream of activities required to deliver a product or service. Impact maps to align initiatives and delivery activities with overall organisational goals. Impact maps help stakeholders to stay focused on value creation (the why) instead of feature development (the what).

Our focus is always to use interactive techniques that enable the delivery of incremental value or early identification of waste.

Why nXtreme

We are a delivery oriented, value focused company. In fact we are relentless in our pursuit on delivering what our customers value.

What You Get

Broad spectrum of experience and expertise in product management, technology, project management and business analysis.